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Throughout the game, you will encounter numerous mini-games. Each mission in these mini-games is different. Place gadgets aboard your spaceship to help you complete your objective quickly. You can simply destroy the spaceship using these devices. The goal of these mini-games is to improve your efficiency and reward you for your efforts.
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Below are the 4 map layouts for the game, which can be viewed at anytime by pressing  during a match. All the map images below are credited to with useful layouts on each map.
The explanation of the game is simple. A number of players between 4-10 enter a ship and are assigned two roles: crew members and impostors. Randomly between 1 and 3 passengers of the ship are selected to be impostors.
Why isn’t “vent as crewmate” not working?
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Das sind recht grundlegende Umwälzungen am Spiel und ich frage mich, wie schnell es gehen kann, diese umzusetzen. Für uns Spieler und Fans von Among Us jedenfalls nicht schnell genug. Bis dahin gilt: Trefft ihr auf Hacker, einfach nicht ihr “Spiel” mitspielen. Nicht wütend werden, nicht beleidigen, und vielleicht einfach mal kollektiv eine Partie aussetzen, bis sie die Lust daran verlieren, euch zu piesacken.
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This may sound obvious, but it’s easy to get swept up in the game and forget that you have objectives to work on.There are a mixture of long and short tasks, depending on the settings your game host has opted for. Thankfully these assignments are as simple as punching in numbers on a keypad, or dragging some leaves into a vacuum. Remain alert when observing suspicious activity, but try to keep your eyes on the prize to put pressure on the Imposters.
Specific Game Account login possible (for example HIVE)? Yes.
‘If you know a crewmate is really good at the tasks, keep them alive as long as possible – they’ll have a much easier time doing tasks if they’re a ghost!‘ – Sophia G
Por Luisa Scherer 24 de November de 2021
Q: “Alright, so what if we simply require folks follow us on Twitch first before they can play with us?”
Innersloth hat im Rahmen der Ankündigung, dass man Among Us 2 einstellen wird, bereits davon gesprochen, dass ein Account-System implementiert. Das sollte die Zurückverfolgung und das Melden der betreffenden Cheater vereinfachen. Auch die Server sollen besser darin werden, Hacks zu entdecken und blockieren. Auch Client-seitig sollen Maßnahmen gegen Hacks getroffen werden, wie Innersloth im Gespräch mit Kotaku verriet.
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On your screen, you’ll see a list of tasks and their locations on the map, but these are just suggestions for things to fake and not your actual goal. Instead, you’ll want to try to find a way to isolate members of the Crew and kill them whenever you can. Of course, this won’t be easy, and you’ll have to be sneaky. 
The hacks work perfectly fine! F*cking love them BUT yanno if you’re not playing a new…
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Yes, you can join your friends, or you can invite your friends and play the game together. You need to share the code which is given below when you host the game.
The past few years have made us all pretty numb to the depths of human depravity, but large swathes of people still remain shocked that anyone would dare cheat at a party game. First, it was Fall Guys. Now it’s the even less win/lose-focused Among Us.
– All of the crew (including ghosts) have completed all of their tasks.
Find out all you need to know to master everyone’s favorite social deduction party game, Among Us. Whether you’re looking for tips to defeat the Crew from the shadows or need tips on staying alive with an alien parasite running amok, we have everything you need in this handy Among Us guide. InnerSloth, the game’s creator, created it to be endlessly replayable as you try to figure out who the nefarious killer is.
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Among Us is available for Mobile and PC.
Step 4: Now, Go to File Manager and locate that modded apk file then tap on it to install on your device.
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There are, as it turns out, far more elaborate ways to cheat than simply channelling information to others on the sly. Twitter user @Poco_BrawlStars exposed what kind of enhanced abilities a hacked player can use to get away with murder.
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– Performing critical sabotage that is not resolved in time by the crewmembers, resulting in a loss.
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Using this hack, you can repair any sabotage missions created by an imposter. One of the most helpful hacks for crewmates.
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●     A mod that you have made yourself posted to a reputable distribution site (such as for a modest price.
Among Us comes with a built-in text chat system to use to communicate during discussion times. This works well if you don’t have an option to voice chat, but voice chat is preferred. We use a Microsoft Teams channel meeting (with video disabled), which seems to work well. Other options could be a Zoom meeting, Discord Channel, or any other service your organization uses.
* If an impostor was spotted using a vent they will be outed almost immediately.
All of the trophies can be boosted in a private lobby and this will make the game very easy.
Let us know how these settings work out in your party. Did they make your games more exciting and gratifying? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below.
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But the big questions for parents is how old should kids be to play this game and are there ways to make it as safe as possible for innocent eyeballs?
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Please ban this hacker that is destroying the game
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So, don’t hesitate – the traitor is getting closer and closer. Don’t give them the opportunity to succeed in their plans to sabotage everything and kill everyone. Go ahead and download among Us for Android now to begin the addicting and amusing party game for all ages.
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No need to require terrible graphics or high skills, Among Us still attracts players by an interesting and fun content that it brings. Now you can sit for hours playing with friends and family. It is a great way for you to connect and understand more with the people you love.
The success of the game has caused the creator of the game to be thinking of a second part. The first part had this official trailer:
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Do they have fort green? (this is only available for the devs and people who have hack it)
members for being an imposter. All you and other players in the game need to do is find the imposter and make him out of the game before the imposter is successfully able to kill all the players. If you get to play the role of imposter you need to wipe out all the crew members by hitting them with the kill button but if you get the chance of being a crew member you will have to bypass the imposter and try to figure out who is an imposter in the zone until the imposter kill you.
Tasks are crucial to victory as a crewmate. The whole crew needs to either complete all of the tasks before the Impostor kills everyone off, or to vote all of the Impostors out.
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Abuse and inappropriate behaviour in chats can be reported via the chat interface. Hosts can kick or ban players from games via the lobby screen. Games require a minimum of four players and can be set to either ‘private’ or ‘public’ mode. Private mode allows hosts to invite their friends online to set up a game, while public mode allows hosts to play with others from around the world.

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