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As a Medic, the player is essentially the one responsible for looking after the team members. The Medic gets to heal players nearby. Additionally, the rate at which the Medic can heal himself/herself is faster than other players.
Call of Duty Mobile provides standard multiplayer and battle royale experiences, delivering plenty of fan service with classic multiplayer maps from Call of Duty’s past, and most recently, the addition of Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale map. Matches of Call of Duty Mobile can get pretty intense in both modes, so here are some tips and tricks to help you score some wins and get rewarded.

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The first map at launch was Shi no Numa and three modes were released: Survival mode and Raid mode where there are two difficulties; Normal Raid and Hardcore Raid. It also features the return of classic Perk-a-Colas Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap Root Beer, Quick Revive, Deadshot Daiquiri, and Electric Cherry, as well as a new system known as Coins, which act similarly to GobbleGum from Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Zombies also features “Buffs”, which are cheaper, non-perk slot bonuses that grant the player abilities such as increased weapon damage, increased health, etc.
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Make a beautiful smoke grenade: Smoke grenades are actually quite handy. Obviously, if the enemy has you held down, but if there’s a sniper in a building you can’t get through, smoke out the room by launching the grenade through the window. Alternatively, dump smoke to provide cover while fleeing an invincible respawned attacker. It’s also quite beneficial in Domination when you’re seizing an area and you don’t want the enemies to notice you.
The famous game franchise Call of Duty (CoD) published by Activision released worldwide for mobile devices on the 1st of October. And within a week of it releasing on the app stores for iOS and Android, the app has already crossed a 100 million downloads. CoD has been a favourite among gamers world wide, the most recent hit was the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 which released in October 2018. To replicate the true spirit of CoD, the mobile version will feature famous maps from the console version. CoD Mobile was developed by Tencent Games and published is by Activision. The game offers a slightly futuristic approach along with current day weapons and vehicles. You can choose from various modes to play on the Multiplayer mode viz Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Rescue along with a practice mode with bots. The other game mode is the popular Battle Royale Mode. The battle Royale mode is made up of the same elements as the other games with this Genre of gameplay. But, has many differences which add to the feel of the game that are missing in popular titles like PUBG Mobile.
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However, most hackers avoid employing this hack because it is easily detected by other players and can result in a permanent account ban.
Most players don’t use headphones to play COD: Mobile. This means that these players won’t care as much for footsteps, since they won’t be able to hear them.
Call of Duty Mobile is a free to play multiplayer FPS game for mobile platforms includes both Android and iOS. Activision and Chinese giant Tencent have teamed up to bring a brand new battle royale game. The game is developed by Timi studio, unlike PUBG Mobile which is developed by lightspeed and quantum studio.
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Another powerful in-game area are Class Upgrade beacons of light. Here, a player can upgrade their respective class’ skills.
3. Select Your Character Class Wisely
On sign up, you will get 100 coins bonus and for every friend that signs up you will earn 100 coins.
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As you know, you’ll often get put with teammates who don’t want to stay together. But try to work with what you’re given. Stay in the same area as your team and encourage them to do the same.
Keep an eye on the map and search for footprints: Knowing where your opponent is is half the battle in battle royale. If you’re a scout, look for footprints on the map and keep your ears alert; you’ll know where they are before they realize you’re there. It is the path to triumph.
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However, after Season 9 Conquest, when Gunsmith was introduced, Uncommon and Rare weapons became camo options, providing no strategic advantage. However, Epic and Legendary camos turned to weapon blueprints, which each had their own unique attachment set. Epic rarity would come with four attachments, while Legendary weapons came fully equiped. Legendary weapons would also have unique kill animations. Usually Legendary Weapons are available in draws, whilst Epic weapons are available in draws, crates, Battle Passes, and events.
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The game also allows you to level up and put various attachments on your weapons. Primary Weapons in COD Mobile include Assault Rifles, Snipers, SMGs, LMGs, and Shotguns. These will most likely be your weapons of choice in both the Multiplayer Mode and Battle Royale.
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Similar But Not The Same, Here are the Differences between Laser Sight and Foregrip in COD Mobile
“We did not want to put too much stuff in it so that the navigation on foot and vehicles feel right for the player,” he said. “Various parts of the map bring different types of gun fights, and I think this is a part of why players like Rebirth Island and Resurgence: you find something for each type of COD player.”
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There is no power switch on this map, because power does not have to be restored on Shi No Numa, as opposed to having to be turned on in all the maps (excluding Nacht der Untoten, as it has no electrical devices meant to aid players).
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After fifteen consecutive years of new releases, you might expect the Call of Duty train to be slowing down in 2020. Yet with PS5 and Xbox Series X on the horizon, game spending on the rise, and renewed enthusiasm for the series thanks to the breakout success of Warzone, Black…
Call of Duty: Mobile is a mobile game — not very many people are playing with headphones on. Tiny details like mini-map footprints are usually ignored by most players. Making lots of noise by running isn’t that big of an issue in PVP or BR. That’s why I think it’s worth toggling the ‘Always Sprint’ option on.
The cough of a sniper’s rifle usually alerts you to their presence. Moving about to avoid being struck can aid even in a close-quarters or mid-range combat. The worst thing you can do, apart from starting straight up, is to go prone with no cover.
COD Points are purchased with real money by using a credit/debit card. Players can then use the COD Points to purchase items in the store or the Battle Pass
One of the most unique mechanics found in COD Mobile are the Operator Skills. These special abilities are just as important as your primary weapon and equipment choices, so ignoring them will put you at a major disadvantage. Here’s a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about Operator Skills.
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As mentioned, Battle Royale is a much slower and calmer game. Be tactical and don’t rush anything. Choose carefully where you land, if you have that control. Loot safely at the start, build a rapport and start hunting until you’re the last one standing.
Xavier unleashes a Mystic Bullet, which inflicts magical damage on foes it passes through.
Yes, you can link your Call Of Duty account to this game. You can also link your Facebook account. It’s recommended to link whatever account you want to stick with. Because your progress cannot be transferred between account types. Furthermore, it’s also not possible to move your character and progression on one Facebook account to another Facebook account. So what you pick from the beginning is what you need to stick with.
The game sometimes has additional modes – Sniper Challenge where it’s only sniper weapons and Warfare, which has teams of 20 on opposing sides for a variation on BR gameplay, but these come and go.
Players can earn CP in Call of Duty Mobile by accomplishing missions, watching video advertisements, and even after completing matches. However, players can even earn it by using third-party websites or mods. Therefore, here’s how players can get free CP:
Now to download and Install the above game for free on your device and you have to follow below-given steps.
While you’re up there, remember that you can safely jump from any high enough point without any fear of falling to your death. You’ll see that the saving grace to falling in this game is your ability to float through the air, so landing is no longer a perilous endeavor. 
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Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale is a game mode within Call of Duty Mobile. It is Call of Duty’s first mobile-only battle royale mode. This guide goes in-depth into the Battle Royale mode of COD Mobile. 
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Users on both the iPhone and the Android can access Call of Duty Mobile, and it is great to see that the developers also implemented seasons in the game.
By these steps, players can easily get free COD Points.
He can place a transformable and flashing shield anywhere he wants. He also has a boost which grants him the ability to incur 20% less damage by all means except for bullets.
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6. Immediately Break Scorestreaks
Additionally, if someone is creeping up behind you, there is no way that you can hear it without earphones.

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