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There’s also a great story and cast of characters here, as you must help two warring factions in their bid to seize control of the post-apocalyptic city. Your decisions can have major consequences for some of the characters too, providing pangs of guilt or sighs of relief as the story unfolds.

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In short pin point delivery, quality to the core (didn’t expect pre-owned to be this good), perfect packaging, and worth the price.Really enjoyed the gaming experience and the communication with the team. Worth the price I paid…..
Can you buy 3 years of PlayStation Plus? Yes. When I find a really good PS Plus discount, I usually buy three years of the Sony membership and, once again, because it’s stackable, I’m set for a very long time.
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – The Final Preview
Watch movies, TV shows and more with Netflix on PS5, streaming the latest original programming.
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Figures prior to March 2019 are from various press releases.
Uses the time loop concept to great effect
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After you get the PSN codes, log into your PlayStation account.
For those lucky enough to acquire either the standard PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition, we’ve rounded up the best PS5 games available across a variety of genres.
This offer is only valid during the campaign period from 14 March to 28 March 2022.
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There’re all kinds of PSN code giveaways on Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. It’s recommended to stick to some reliable sources of free PSN codes or follow some bloggers. To save your time searching online, you can check for giveaways regularly.
Fortnite is a phenomenon, so if you’ve not already had an earful about this gaming juggernaut, that’s truly an impressive feat. A synthesis of tower defence and battle royale shooter has spawned something that still shows no signs of slowing down in its quest for total world domination. 
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Sony’s Playstation 5 continues to be the best-selling console of the current generation and for good reason. This latest iteration of a long-standing line has awed users with its graphical prowess while having a ton of existing and upcoming games. However, the biggest problem gamers are facing with the PS5 is actually getting their hands on one. That being said, there are some lucky few among you who have managed to grab a PS5 off the virtual shelves. If you’re among that lot, we have compiled a list of the best PS5 games you can play right now.
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Compared to March 2022, April is quite barren when it comes to significant releases, although there is still time for that to change over the coming weeks. While the second half of the month is lacking much in the way of titles, at least April 2022 will be getting off to a fun start with Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, MLB: The Show 22, and the remaster of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.
It will be interesting to see what kind of service Sony will eventually offer, because as it currently stands, the PlayStation Plus is beginning to lose a lot of its appeal because of the Game Pass.
The open-world city is a great playground
By fusing together technology, art and graphics the PS5 console is able to deliver next level gaming that will blow your mind. From explosive colour, majestic scenery, interdimensional adventures and epic storylines that are truly captivating and inspiring. Utilise the potential of all the PS5 games and feel the power in your hands with the official PS5 controllers. Make sure you have the perfect gaming set up; browse all the official PS5 accessories to discover a whole new world of gaming.
As much as I loved Resident Evil 7, I wasn’t a fan of the overarching plot mostly because it wasn’t relevant to the series’ batshit lore — which, despite being cheesy as hell, I’m in love with. Resident Evil Village, however, goes places I didn’t expect, and the entire presentation of the story very much feels like a fairy tale as opposed to a traditional Resident Evil game.
The game is a vibrant mix of previous additions in the series along with some new mechanics that make the ride enjoyable. Players now get instant time travel between different areas through portals. A wide assortment of new weapons has also been added along with a new mechanic called Rift Tether that gives Ratchet the ability to quickly warp between points. A Rift Apart has been well received by players and will be a change of pace to PS5 players who want something lighthearted.
A PlayStation network card (or PSN card) is essentially a PlayStation Store card. Available in a range of denominations, it’s digital cash for purchases and rentals on Sony’s PlayStation Network. You can buy and download the latest PS3 games and PS4 games, access retro games, rent movies, stream music and even use PSN cards to pay for a PlayStation Plus membership.
PlayStation Now doesn’t have a ton of the latest games, but it has an extensive library of PS3 and PS4 titles that can be streamed. If you’re not sure about getting a particular game, gifting a PlayStation Now sub will work nicely.
Short, linear experience without much replay value
The game is set in a dark fantasy land where monsters of extreme proportions and horrifying nature exist that the player will encounter on the way. You will get to experience this land in all its glory in this PS5 remaster. For the ones who want to experience a challenge and go back to the game that started it all, check out Demon’s Souls.
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Firaxis is bringing us a new strategy game but this time it’s not a new XCOM. Instead, we’re getting a Marvel-themed strategy game called Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Teaming up with 12 of Marvel Comics’ iconic heroes in the roster, you play as The Hunter, the very first customizable character in Marvel history. Together you’ll attempt to take down the Mother of Demons, Lillith, in a XCOM / Marvel fusion gameplay scenario. 
And lastly, avoid using all the code generators as all of them are fake. Also if I’ve missed out on some methods or any such thing, please let me know the comments section.
Returnal comes as an amazing addition to the PS5 roster. This third-person psychological horror shooter revolves around Selena, a space pilot who crash lands on an alien planet called Atropos. The protagonist tries to make sense of this foreign world around her as she makes her way through strange artifacts and old architecture. However, Returnal shocks the player when Selena discovers a corpse, of herself.
It’s not hugely different on the PS5 compared to the PS4 – it looks a bit sharper and you don’t have to wait as long between rooms – but we think the PS5 version is the best way to experience it, not least because the DualSense controllers are ideal for this kind of action game. It’s one of our very favourite PS5 games and we’ve lost endless hours to it.
Instinction is another intriguing release coming in 2022, if only for the fact that it’s a game about dinosaurs, something that hasn’t been particularly exploited in the gaming industry over the last few years.
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3. Go to ‘Redeem Codes’ on PlayStation™Store and enter the 12-digit code
Lots of DLC when you’ve finished the story
All PS Plus members get 100GB of cloud storage for save games, so even if you lose your save data stored on a PS4 or PS5, you will be able to recover it later.
Did you ever think what makes a true gamer? We think that someone who makes gaming their number one hobby. Our basic psychological needs can be significantly satisfied when we play games because they challenge our cognitive and psychomotor abilities.
This great team shooter is one of the best free PS5 games
Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service costs $60, and entitles subscribers to free, unlimited access to a handful of games per month. Once these titles are added to your game library, you’ll be able to play them as much and often as you’d like as long as you maintain an active subscription. PlayStation Plus is a cost-effective way to sample a lot of PlayStation 5 games in 2022. Just be mindful of the fact that Sony picks which games become available each month, not players.
Can I purchase PlayStation Plus on my phone?
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PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) is a subscription service for the PS4 and PS5. It comes with many great benefits.
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The combat is the real draw here, though. The “one-false-move-and-you’re-done” approach that made FromSoftware’s earlier games famous is still in use here. On the other hand, so is the methodical, graceful combat, which encourages you to develop your own combat style and learn each enemy’s ins and outs as you fight them. With towering bosses to conquer and plenty of secrets to discover, Elden Ring lives up to its great promise.
A number of these free games are available on PS4 too or don’t yet have a native PS5 version. Last generation titles obviously don’t have current-gen’s bells and whistles so we’d suggest you take a look at our best PS5 deals tracker to get hold of a console. If you do have some cash to splash and are looking for a new title, take a look at our best PS5 games guide.
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